Pelosi tries to reassure Dems after Georgia loss

Saturday, 24 Jun, 2017

In campaign ads and election flyers, Republicans successfully tied the policies and beliefs of newcomer Ossoff to House minority leader Pelosi.

And the losses may help the party clarify its message, which is lost somewhere between the liberal leanings of Bernie Sanders and the cautious middle-of-the-roaders like Ossoff.

Pelosi beat back a leadership challenge late a year ago from Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), with two-thirds of her caucus supporting her. The fictional politician Underwood at one point represents South Carolina's fifth district. They were at risk of losing it to a 30-year-old who had no prior political experience. Their action plan: Keep talking. The harmful consequences of Trump's policies predicted by Democrats have not begun to affect voters.

It's about all they can do.

"Those issues are very important, and I don't think we should yield any ground at all on those issues because they're vital to our society when you're talking about refugees, you're talking about a woman's right to choose, when you're talking about voting rights", he said.

BENNETT: Pelosi still has broad support among House Democrats.

Congressional Leadership Fund director Corry Bliss told The Washington Times he pauses every morning "to be thankful that the Republican Party still has Nancy Pelosi because Nancy Pelosi is absolutely toxic".

Ms Handel comfortably won the seat vacated by health and human services secretary Tom Price in the sixth congressional district of Georgia, beating Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff. Trump wrote, referring to Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

And Rep. Tim Ryan criticized Pelosi along with his party's brand and its outreach to voters. 'No, that's not fair, ' Rice said. It's not fair. It's not accurate in its attacks on our leader, but it's effective.

BENNETT: Democrats see 70 House seats that could be easier to flip than that Georgia district. He also called on Democrats to cooperate with him, saying "Democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with Republicans on Healthcare, Tax Cuts, Security".

Democrats hoped that riled-up members of their party would be motivated to get themselves to the polls in record numbers, and that enough moderate Republicans would have realized that Donald Trump lacks the temperament and knowledge to be a president who is unrestrained by Congress.

Trump separately asked on Twitter why the Obama administration didn't stop Russian Federation from intervening in the election.

That said, the Georgia House race was the first real potential evidence of a possible problem, since while Ossoff did much better than the Democratic House candidate in 2016, he did a bit worse than Hillary Clinton in that district, making it hard to assess what "should" happen there. "VOTE TODAY", Trump then tweeted.

'We'd love to have the question be in 2018, Nancy Pelosi versus Paul Ryan, ' Gingrich added.

It's not just Ossoff's loss, as well as the loss in three other special election House races since the election, that has Democrats looking for a leadership change.

"Of course, there's a letdown after something like this", Owens said. "We're a family. We're going to have those discussions".