Trump congratulates Handel on Twitter

Saturday, 24 Jun, 2017

Several Democratic lawmakers have said Pelosi's position as a prominent face of the Democratic Party will continue to make winning elections hard.

New York Rep. Kathleen Rice agreed that it is time to clean house, telling CNN, "we need a winning strategy".

Republican Karen Handel on election day after she is projected the victor for the Georgia 6th District special election on June 20, 2017.

According to a report in The Hill, Democratic leadership has come under intense criticism by the rank-and-file for Ossoff's loss to Handel.

"I feel very confident about the support that I have in my caucus", Pelosi said at a press conference in the Capitol after Republicans featured her in nearly every ad attacking Democrat Jon Ossoff in the Georgia congressional race which he lost Tuesday. "This race proved that Democrats have a real shot at taking back the House in 2018". An examination of all the special elections shows that the Democrats have added to Hillary Clinton's gains in well-educated districts and even won over some white working-class voters, which the former Democratic candidate struggled with, Vox reported.

One of the reasons for this string of losses is that the structural disadvantages Democrats face haven't changed under Trump.

Many Democrat politicians and operatives want to get rid of the potential to stick Pelosi to future Democrat candidates running in not-so-liberal districts.

Handel thanked President Trump during her victory speech as well as Vice President Mike Pence, demonstrating a Republican party far more solid than anticipated. "And I'm not sure that that's there yet".

MOULTON: Certainly one thing I learned as a Marine is - you know, my job description was very simple.

Instead, he said Democrats need to focus on developing a message that wins over voters in Republican-leaning districts.

"She will have to pick some issues she disagrees with the president on, going forward", the GOP aide said.

The result comes as relief for Republicans who had grown concerned about whether their party, buffeted by the scandals that have plagued the Republican president, could hold the seat in Georgia's sixth district, which became the most expensive congressional race in USA history.

Someone compared what he spent in 2017 to the what the last Democrat spent just a year ago.

"The president's numbers are in the thirties and our base is energized", she wrote.

She continues to command a great degree of loyalty from many House Democrats, and allies dismissed the idea that her position was in any kind of jeopardy.

"We put a lot of resources, a lot of fight, and close is only good in horseshoes", said Rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J. "Many times I had not really wanted to run again, and (Democrats) called on me to do so".