Amazon discounting refurbished Echo by $75 for today only

Tuesday, 11 Jul, 2017

Amazon Prime Day starts at 6pm today, Monday 10 July, and while we've been privy to some excellent deals already, surely this is the best.

While it's a manufactured retail holiday celebrating nothing other than the fact that Amazon wanted a big sales day in the middle of the summer, Prime Day has become an event. You'll want to check in right at 8PM central to see what's on offer, because stock will be limited.

Customers shopping with a gadget equipped with Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant will get access to Prime Day deals two hours before anyone else.

E-commerce giant Amazon is set to flag off its maiden Amazon Prime Day Sale in India, along with 12 other countries worldwide. On buying a 55-inch TCL 4K Android Smart TV, you get a 32-inch HD Ready TV free. However, if you'd like to be able to take advantage of Amazon Prime's deals throughout the year, members pay $99 per year to maintain their membership. Prime users will get Rs 2,000 off on the device during Prime Day. They're cutting prices to compete with Amazon, and shoppers can get 20 to 60 percent off.

Previous year saw some of Amazon's most popular items reduced including the Amazon fire stick alongside Amazon's kindles.

The Google Home bundle, however, only comes in limited quantities, and at the time of writing, almost 2,000 units have already been sold.

Keep these things in mind to make most out of the Prime Day. These offers will run the gamut of Amazon's various categories and many will sell out. Deals launch at various times and are available until they're 100% claimed.

Amazon shows sales that are now live, as well as upcoming deals, and lets you set price alerts that will send a notification to your phone when an upcoming deal you have your eyes on goes live.

Click or tap on Start your 30-day Amazon Prime free trial. The membership is said to have doubled since the launch of Prime Video in December.

As in the case of Prime Days of yore, many of Amazon's best deals are on its own brand products. "There are going to be deals every five minutes or so". This is a condensed version of several Wirecutter guides; you can find links to the full guides in the discussions below.