New Senate Healthcare Bill Will Include Cruz 'Consumer Choice' Amendment

Saturday, 15 Jul, 2017

Despite opposition from the health insurance industry, Senate Republicans' revised healthcare bill includes a version of a proposal that would allow the sale of slimmed-down individual market plans. The bill could be posted online a little before that meeting begins. The CBO is expected to release its analysis of the updated bill next week, before the Senate votes on it.

What from the first Senate bill likely stays in the revised bill?

Under Mr Cruz's and Mr Lee's amendment, insurers would be able to offer stripped-down, low-priced healthcare plans that do not comply with Obamacare regulations to cover certain health benefits. John McCain (R-Arizona), according to Politico. Ted Cruz, (R-Texas), and Sen.

This is because the amendment allows younger and healthier members to purchase non-ACA compliant plans that have lower premiums but fewer benefits. It includes the plans specified in 1312 (d)(3)(D) of the Affordable Care Act - the section that covers the health plans of members of Congress and their benefits.

Paul said the bill contains an "insurance stabilization fund", which he sees as a bailout provision for companies that make $15 billion a year and "already have their hands all over this bill".

Senate Republicans are meet Thursday to review the latest version of the bill, which is meant to replace President Barack Obama's health-care law. "They've now taken the bill and made it worse", he added.

One problem for Trump and the Republicans is that their repeal effort is very unpopular, garnering just 16 percent support last month in a Quinnipiac University survey last month.

The poles of the conference: Sen. "Senator Rand Paul is a great conservative and a great legislator and he does Kentucky proud". Rick Santorum, argue that one of the main reasons that Republicans are having such a hard time agreeing is because they are working from the Obamacare template - particularly federal control of health insurance. Certain Senators are clucking their tongues, and threatening to stop the bill from coming to the floor.

She declined to say whether any of her other concerns had been addressed, or whether she would support a key procedural vote next week.

The Medicaid senators: Sens.

Also eliminated is Medicaid expansion starting in 2021, which was adopted by 31 states and the District of Columbia. At the right end of his caucus, hardliners want deep Medicaid cuts and weaker protections for people with preexisting conditions.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has a tough - if not particularly long - road ahead to try and pass the bill.

"The reason we can't pass a bill is because we are trying to do it in Washington, so stop it", Santorum, a CNN contributor, told CNN. Coffman voted against that bill. The Graham-Cassidy plan, which the two say they will offer as an amendment if McConnell's plan doesn't get enough support, is intriguing.