Trump urges Republican Senate to 'step up to the plate' and 'WIN!'

Monday, 24 Jul, 2017

"Team Trump Used Obamacare Money to Run PR Effort Against It": "The Trump administration has spent taxpayer money meant to encourage enrollment in the Affordable Care Act on a public relations campaign aimed at methodically strangling it. The effort, which involves a multi-pronged social media push as well as video testimonials designed at damaging public opinion of President Obama's health care law, is far more robust and sustained than has been publicly revealed or realized".

I know that the Russia investigations are charging ahead, with Capitol Hill appearances by members of President Trump's inner circle scheduled for next week. "I'm sick of the excuses". They are sabotaging Obamacare from the inside, which is a direct violation of Trump's oath of office. "That seems to not be the mission of the current leadership". But among supporters and critics alike, there's uncertainty about what America's healthcare system should look like.

What's missing in the Senate these days is boldness, the kind needed to take action on health care - repealing Obamacare, stabilizing the individual insurance markets, and giving states greater flexibility to shape their own healthcare systems.

Fail to do advertising or outreach. So instead of using that money for good, they're literally using it for evil.

Cruz would like to see Obamacare repealed.

On Wednesday, the Congressional Budget Office reminded GOP lawmakers why.

In this sense Shapiro is like everyone else in the #NeverTrump genre. "He's got some things, though, in his way". Obama would veto the legislation and the Republicans would return to the sausage factory to try again. And they will find sympathetic and electorally vulnerable people in Congress to take up their cause. Because families have roundly rejected Trump Care-that couldn't be clearer. Some 34% want them to repeal and replace at the same time, while 35% think they should abandon the effort.

[S] entiment here reflects the polls - and how they have shifted. Paul admonished them to go back to their districts and face the music for breaking their promise. The large employers have largely planned around ACA. Although the Obama administration took a "more rigorous approach" to addressing corporate malfeasance with a Health Care Corporate Strike Force, the Trump administration has reduced that Strike Force, Poses says.

Obamacare, you will recall, was once Romneycare; it was fashioned after a system Mitt Romney successfully implemented when he was governor of Massachusetts. And we're going to create a situation where the insurance companies are not going to be willing to play.

Russia. It appears the sins of the father have been repeated by the son. "He'll learn, he'll learn.' And you just don't see that happening". It repeals Obamacare without a replacement plan and is often referred to as the "repeal and delay" option.

It said all GOP health care bills end the ACA's individual mandate, which requires most people to have insurance coverage, and repeals the employer mandate, which requires businesses with 50 or more full-time employees to cover their workers.

It is past time to listen to the disturbingly few reasonable Republican voices in Washington and to get to work improving the ACA, not simply trying to kill it.

Indeed, the gamesmanship-through, say, provider tax ploys to secure more federal dollars without an increase in state spending-would largely be undone. More people are getting the subsidies they need to help pay for their health insurance, and Republicans can't stand it. They can't stand that a black man, who happened to be a Democrat, came up with a better healthcare plan than they could come up with in seven years.

Jefferson County was reliably Democratic for years - but more recently, has voted Republican.

"Trump's visceral rage is what thrills Republicans, not his policy - and a huge number of Republicans aren't even interested in whether the rage undercuts his policy".

Still there are dissatisfied faultfinders who claim Trump's supporters are granting him way too much leeway on his non-traditional behavior.

INSKEEP: Although they have reasons - I mean, you've written about Dean Heller, the Republican senator from Nevada, who's been very critical.

BARNES: But the truth is they will own it because they have the House, the Senate and the White House.

Hasday: I don't think the future is a year. State insurance commissioners and congressional leaders of both parties are seeking a similar acknowledgement.