Lee from 'The Bachelorette' kind of apologized for those racist tweets

Wednesday, 02 Aug, 2017

Kenny said he believed Lee "has the capacity for remorse" and made a "good first step" - standing by his statement during the taping that Lee wasn't racist, he was just "reactionary". No one knows who he is, but we still love him.

Finally, it's Lee's turn to take the stage.

"I don't like racism at all", Lee stated.

After Dean talks about how cathartic that experience was, he then confesses he'll be in Paradise this summer.

Later, the ongoing feud between single dad Kenny and racist tweeter Lee was resurrected yet again.

However, Rachel will send two contestants home during the episode, and a source spoke about how the last breakup was incredibly hard. So. you think they do background checks on this show? Speculations are rife that Bryan Abasolo is that lucky guy who is Rachel's fiancée. To everyone's surprise, Lee admits that no, Kenny never did "pull him out of a van", and that he admires Kenny for always taking the high road.

"With me, you were a completely different person, but, like, now that I've watched it back, and now that I know what's up, I didn't want to give any life into you, your opinions. You were like number 8". Join us next week for the answers to these questions and more before we all join together in celebration over our newfound Monday night freedom.

This week's episode of The Bachelorette was the seasonal "Tell All" episode, which normally are a snooze-fest, but this season was a juicy exception.

When Lee was put in the hot seat, Chris noticed he was "literally shaking in (his) boots".

We delve pretty deep into how big of a jerk he really is, digging up old tweets and putting him on blast for being racist and misogynist. The men on the stage wanted answers from Lee. Host Chris Harrison amped up the heat, displaying several of the offensive tweets that had gotten Garrett in hot water earlier in the season, including one favorably comparing the KKK to the NAACP and asking him to account for them. Lee fed the men canned answers and seemed insincere at first. Lee stammered out a very unsatisfactory answer about not liking racism, but being especially bummed that America discovered his racist tweets, as if that was the bigger issue. He even apologizes for his behavior.

The men weren't the only ones to accept an apology and offer to help. "You know, if I hurt anybody in any kind of way with a bad joke or anything like that, I apologize". We did learn that Rachel trips and falls a lot, though, and that Dean hides gum behind his ear during interviews. The episode ended on a positive note with Lindsay teasing that she's ready to show the world who she picked. (He was also involved in some Bachelor in Paradise drama). He clarifies that he didn't actually date her, referring to her as a 'side chick.' As the audience boos him, he responds, 'You can boo me. In the moment, I did love you. And so I really enjoyed the dialogue.

Chris was still confused because he said he has tapes of DeMario saying he was in a relationship with the woman.