USA embassy staff in Russian Federation barred from retrieving their belongings

Wednesday, 02 Aug, 2017

Close US ally Germany has already indicated that it opposes anti-Russia sanctions, believing them to serve US industrial policies alone. "President Donald J. Trump read early drafts of the bill and negotiated regarding critical elements of it", Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said in a statement on Friday, spinning the final bill as a compromise rather than a loss.

But there are signs that Russian Federation is already backing down. "There's a review process, a legal process".

As the Russia-U.S. ties grow increasingly strained, Russian Federation may become more reluctant to support U.S. efforts to raise pressure on North Korea to force it to curtail its missile and nuclear programs.

On July 30, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called the sanctions the "last drop" and said that Russia would respond "in kind", the Independent reports.

Asked about the potential for additional sanctions against Washington, Putin described the reduction in diplomatic staff as "painful" and said he now opposes further measures.

Later, in a conversation with reporters, Pence said the sanctions send a clear message: "We mean what we say and we say what we mean".

Apple recently removed major VPN providers from its App Store in China, which it said was in compliance with regulations enforced by the country's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The conflict lasted less than a week - a ceasefire was signed on August 12 - but it looms over Georgia to this day. The president is in a bind, with no option but to sign a veto-proof bill that the White House originally objected to as a risky check on the administration's ability to negotiate better relations with Russian Federation. "To be clear, we hope for better days, for better relations with Russian Federation, but recent diplomatic action taken by Moscow will not deter the commitment of the United States of America to our security, the security of our allies, and the security of freedom loving nations around the world".

Mr Putin ordered 755 staff to leave the United States embassy in Moscow and consulate offices in Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and Vladivostok by September 1st to bring the American diplomatic presence to par with the Russian mission in America.

On Friday, Russian's Foreign Ministry ordered a reduction by September 1 in the number of USA diplomatic personnel in Russia.

Trump has yet to weigh in on Russia's response.

Speaking in an interview with Russian state television broadcast July 30, Putin said that more than a thousand USA diplomats and "support staff" are now working in Russia, and that "755 must stop their activities". Because of this, Russian Federation has been one of the few countries spared from Trump's usually blunt talk, on Twitter and otherwise.

The row between the USA and Russian Federation also signalled a major shift in tone from a summit between Trump and Putin earlier this month, which showed prospects of warmer ties.

"I am very disappointed in China".

We want to hear from you. "China could easily solve this problem!"

The billionaire repeatedly pledged to fix ties during his campaign but allegations Putin launched a hacking and influence to get him to the White House made any concessions to Russian Federation politically toxic.

"But in the light of the Congress decision, it is absolutely obvious that this is impossible". Trump, according to his communications chief, Anthony Scaramucci, might veto the bill although the Senate has passed the bill with a veto-proof majority of 98 to 2. But he said it "only hears" false charges of Russian interference. During their first meeting, Trump said Putin denied he directed efforts to interfere with the USA presidential election.

"The will to normalize these relations should be placed on the record", Peskov said.