Deathbed Confession Jolts Game of Thrones

Thursday, 03 Aug, 2017

Maybe we saw him riding for Highgarden with Jaime and Bronn (BRONN'S BACK, by the way) - former Tyrell bannerman Lord Randyll Tarly. And in the episode's closing scene, we finally visit Highgarden, the Tyrell family seat, where Lady Olenna swigs Jaime Lannister's poison before leaving him shook by her poisonous final words - that she was the one who ordered Joffrey's assassination back in season four. With her weaponized eyebrows and sniper-like timing, Olenna doesn't need Valyrian steel to slay.

But she go the last laugh. He mercifully offered her some poisoned wine that would ensure she did not die painfully. Olenna warns Jaime that Cersei is a monster and a disease, but apart from confessing her part in Joffrey's murder, she didn't tell Jaime anything he doesn't already know. As per the report, Harrington said,"I predicted, like everyone, they would meet this season, but I don't think I predicted it quite as quickly but then again, you've got to take yourself out of the mindset of the viewer".

The big season one reunion last week was Arya Stark and Nymeria, who hadn't seen each other since episode two, "The Kingsroad".

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At the very end of the episode we are treated to a brief shot of Dany soaring the skies, potentially taking matters into her own hands. As Cersei descends further into Mad Queen territory, she's getting a bit Boris-and-Natasha, as my friend put it. Instead, she stays outside on a cliff talking to Varys. But I liked the bloodless, nearly Greek fate she deals the Dornish women.

Subtle Sansa side notes: I made a comment earlier about the change in Cersei's handmaiden's hairstyle, but I failed to mention the change in Sansa's.

Avenging her daughter's death. She taunts the pair of them before planting her own poisoned mouth on Tyene's lips.

We also see the Iron Bank in season three, when Petyr Baelish becomes Master of Coin and is borrowing more money from the Iron Bank. Although Jon Snow refuses to bend his knee, Daenerys agrees to grant permission for the mining of Dragonstone. Personally, I didn't detect too many romantic sparks. But in that final look she threw at Jon, we can be sure that they at least respect each other - and that she might be developing a soft spot for her new ally/strategic marriage option/nephew.

Why have Jon snow and Daenerys Targaryen never met before? . He was named King in the North, not because of his birthright.

Daenerys's will to power is tempered by her desire to be just, but that justice isn't what drives her. Jon, however, has never expected or wanted the trappings of rule, and wears the mantle as itchily as a great wolfskin. Tyrion was also able to convince Jon that all that Dany wanted was his loyalty, not his kingdom.

Then came the moment itself: Jon entered the audience chamber to see Dany perched on her throne.

Of course, Dany needs to get working as well. An ostensibly sound plot to send the Lannisters reeling with a surprise assault on Casterly Rock, their familial castle, is initially successful, Grey Worm and his Unsullied forces utilizing Tyrion's insider knowledge to infiltrate and secure the stronghold.