Solar Eclipse Will Affect Air Temperature

Thursday, 03 Aug, 2017

As an example, the next solar eclipse that will even nip the Carolinas will be on the SC coast in 2062.

Now, we are just days away from when the moon's umbral shadow will cross the continental USA, creating a celestial event that folks will be talking about for years to come.

To see a total eclipse that day, you'll have to travel past Evansville into southwestern Kentucky.

Total solar eclipses offer unprecedented opportunities to study Earth under uncommon conditions.

The library says they just want everyone to be safe as they watch the moon cross the sun's path.

If the moon and sun are exactly the same size in the sky, the moment the sun is entirely covered will be very short. We're here to debunk some common solar eclipse questions.

The Baker Memorial Library in Timmonsville will host a Solar Eclipse Viewing Party on August 21,2017 from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

This total eclipse will be visible in only certain states, but a partial eclipse will be seen in several others.

Longtime residents of the Northwest may remember a total solar eclipse. They will essentially chase the moon's shadow as the path of totality moves across the central United States. Nope! There is no comparison between even a 99% eclipse and a total eclipse.

Yes, I know you may have heard Charlotte will have a 98% eclipse here, that's good enough right? Be sure to use protective eyewear, so you don't damage your eyes. For a few minutes on August 21 from OR through SC, the sky will go dark, the stars will come out and temperatures will drop in the middle of the day for people in the path of totality. Lunar eclipses can last for a few hours, but solar eclipses may last only a few minutes.

A safe indirect method for viewing the eclipse is to create a miniature pinhole camera. I recently came across an article in Quartz media ( ) that demonstrates how seriously some governments take eclipse safety.

But the path of totality is within a day's drive. As this unusual sight will be fleeting, try to remain in place after first contact has begun so you don't miss the big show.

So mark your calendar and hope for a clear sky!

"The sun is so bright, it would hurt your eyes", she said.