Rihanna's Crop Over costume slays social media — BBCI

Tuesday, 08 Aug, 2017

Rihanna picked an aqua blue weave with bejeweled bikini and feathers that are sure to leave birds green with envy.

Joseline Hernandez discusses her admiration for Rihanna and reveals which artists she is a fan of.

The vicious attack, which led to her being hospitalised, led to him receiving five years of probation. According to Instagram, after wrapping up the "Valerian" press tour, Rihanna headed home to the Barbados for Crop Over Festival-her bright-ass hair in tow.

The singer faced speculation she was pregnant in the last few weeks, after sporting a more fuller figure. "I love the boldness of Rihanna", said the stylist to Vogue.

Lots of fans have been commenting on her Crop Over posts saying she looks wonderful, and many fans are commenting about how much they love "thick" Rihanna.

Meanwhile, the Barbadian beauty, who is now dating Saudi Arabian businessman Hassan Jameel, had recently made headlines for her recent weight gain. She, as always, looked unreal.

It's 2017 when posts on social media are lame and ignorant. Run Rihanna! Lol. RiRi has already admitted that she's eating good and living life. She's one of the baddest.

Forget Coachella, the Caribbean's Crop Over is where it's at for the best festival fashion. The singer jetted to her native Barbados to join in the celebration at the Crop Over carnival. So does that mean Hassan isn't on the list?

The reaction to Rihanna's look overtook Twitter Monday afternoon.

However, now, he became hypnotized by her appetizing curves and skimpy outfit.

"I don't hate him", she told Vanity Fair in 2015.