'The Bachelorette' finale recap: Rachel Lindsay chooses Bryan Abasolo

Tuesday, 08 Aug, 2017

As expected, Rachel wasn't pleased with Peter's decision.

"I just want somebody who wants what I want", the 32-year-old attorney tearfully tells Peter in the clip.

And on the after show, it definitely seemed like these two are about to live happily ever after. Basically, we felt like Peter was perpetually penalized on this show for not wanting to propose at the end of it. Rachel said she'd been there and done that with a man who wasn't ready for marriage. She then handed him the final rose.

Reunited in real time, Rachel and Peter attempted to establish closure. Oh sure, blame the victim. "No longer do I have to keep secret how in love w you I truly am from the rest of the world!" He was the first guy to get a rose. She says there were a lot of deep rooted issues and that they were in different places. The live portion of the finale involved Abasolo asking Lindsay to marry him again in front of the live audience. But they, too, headed to the fantasy suite.

It was their time in Rioja, Spain, that sealed the deal, though: The two rode horses in a romantic setting before retiring to their Fantasy Suite and then spending a day floating over Rioja in a hot air balloon. Rachel and Bryan bond during their last moments together, and by "bond" we mean gluing their faces together much to the (probable) horror of the cameraman. So they chose to say goodbye.

Reaching an impasse, Rachel and Peter agreed to part ways. By the end of the episode, one of the men will be proposing to Rachel. In her defense, boy, what show do you think you signed up for?

He said he'd propose to her if she wanted him too-which was what Rachel didn't want to hear. At one point during the season, she had an emotional breakdown because of the weight of her responsibility as the first.

On the live show, Rachel tells Chris, "I cried my eyelashes off".

From there, we spend the first 49 minutes of the episode with Peter and Bryan, which is how we are nearly definitely sure that Eric will be the first of the three to go.

Lots of fans were shocked that Rachel chose Bryan over Peter.Rachel and Peter's connection seemed to be stronger than the connection she had with Bryan, but hey, maybe that was just creative editing and the producers making it look that way on objective to throw us off. No one in America buys this, not even Bryan's mom.

"Bryan is such a good person, a good man, " she told viewers as he pulled up in a SUV.

Following a visit from famed jeweler Neil Lane, Bryan met Rachel atop a picturesque Spanish estate with a diamond ring in hand. The couple finally says that neither would have changed the outcome. The major concern about Eric is that he's had so few significant relationships in the past - Rachel's been more explicit than many past Bachelorettes that she wants to get married and have a family as quickly as possible, and Eric's relative youth and inexperience make it hard to feel confident he knows what he's getting into.