Apple iPhone 8 case render confirms bezel-less display

Wednesday, 09 Aug, 2017

The report comes from KGI's analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has given solid information in the past. As we near September, though, sources are increasingly stating that Apple will be launching the phone on time, though you may have to wait a bit before actually get ahold of the model.

The iPhone 8's launch is drawing closer. Kuo predicts production of the iPhone 8 will accelerate quickly reaching between 45 million and 50 million units this year.

iPhone 8 release date rumors haven't settled on a particular date yet but those rumors should emerge in a few weeks as Apple's plans firm up. Evan Blass, known as @evleaks on Twitter, had also posted a leaked image of the iPhone 8 showing a display with no home button, and a full display. The current iPhone 7 Plus already sells at $969 for the 256GB storage option. Delays in the OLED version could have a significant impact on sales figures this year.

According to reports, the biggest thing to note about the iPhone 8 is the developer's efforts of integrating facial recognition as a way to unlock the phone as well as access the features of apps like Apple Pay.

MacRumors points out that this news fits with a leak earlier this week that showed off three models of the phone in those colors. Kuo warns that consumers may be required to purchase a Type-C power adapter to enable faster charging. But now the makers are hell bent on making the iPhone 8 an appealing one. There's the now-familiar chunk of area at the top of the panel to house the earpiece, front-facing camera and a number of sensors, and then just a huge stretch of screen display. Rather than moving this to the back of the phone, Apple is expected to have embedded either an iris scanner or facial recognition system into the device to provide alternative user authentication.

Newly discovered code for Apple's HomePod firmware suggests that the next iPhone could be able to recognize your face even if it's lying on a nearby table. Alongside these features, a space on the bottom and right-hand side of the phone is also spotted in the picture, which is most likely to space for a large L-shaped battery, which is a much-rumoured feature of iPhone series.