Kaepernick remains jobless after Cutler signs with Dolphins

Wednesday, 09 Aug, 2017

Head coach Adam Gase, who served as an assistant coach with Cutler with the Bears in 2015, has previously said Cutler will not play in Thursday's preseason opener against the Atlanta Falcons.

Coach Todd Bowles may have the most difficult job in the National Football League, and it's only going to get harder from here.

Moore turns 33 next week and has 28 starts in 10 seasons.

But when Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down with a left leg injury last Thursday, Cutler was on nearly any list of options to step in. Cutler said at his press conference that he was a quarterback, so that meant he really doesn't have to be in the best shape.

Bringing in Cutler, who has worked with Miami's head coach before, was first choice ahead of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

"I think he slung it pretty well", said receiver Jarvis Landry. But I was very upfront with him, kept him in the loop on everything. It's another opportunity, and that's all a guy can ask for.

The open quarterback competition is clearly going in the direction of Josh McCown, but it is going to be next to impossible for him to find downfield targets.

But the eighth-year defensive tackle must know that his best chance to finally make a deep playoff run is for Cutler to play like he did with Gase in Chicago two years ago.

"There'll be some carryover for sure", Fox said. Glennon remains the unquestioned starter, and he will remain there into the regular season, barring injury.

"He remembers basically everything with the offense", Gase said.

"This morning I think I woke up in the hotel and I didn't know where I was at".

"He's definitely a tough guy", Suh added. "Now that this is over, now we can move on to the next step and get more information". Many players followed in his footsteps as the season went on, and in the process, he became one of the most talked about (and controversial) athletes in sports.

But for Bears fans?

Sorry, Dolphins fans, but Jay Cutler pretty much eliminates you from the postseason. After all, Glennon is more of a caretaker or placeholder until Trubisky is deemed ready, whenever that might be.

Cutler announced in May that he chose to walk away after 11 seasons.