Trudeau says Mayweather's going to 'teach' McGregor how to box

Saturday, 26 Aug, 2017

He has repeatedly said during the buildup toward this Showtime Pay-Per-View main event that he expects to weigh approximately 170 pounds when their fight starts, at least 15 pounds more than the 5-feet-9 McGregor figures the 5-feet-8 Mayweather will weigh.

Mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor will carry a sizeable weight advantage into his superfight with Floyd Mayweather after tipping the scales almost four pounds heavier than the boxing legend here Friday. The doors opened at 11am PDT (19:00 BST). Mayweather was cladded in a white t-shirt, grey tracksuit bottoms and a white cap, walking out to "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins.

Although he is a skilled UFC fighter, Irishman McGregor has never boxed professionally before.

Regardless of who fans are rooting for in the ring, the Mayweather-McGregor battle has become one of the biggest sporting spectacles in recent memory.

The weight of McGregor: 153lbs.

Mayweather weighed in at: 149.5lbs.

"You got a lot of enertainers, who make a lot of money, and then they come and go", Floyd explains to Snoop. The victor of this will give the fans an idea of which sport to follow and which sport is better.

Mayweather stared blankly back at McGregor, who screamed in his face. A McGregor victory by Decision or Technical Decision does not seem likely at all, which is why you can get +1200 on that possibility becoming a reality. It's focus. I make it and that's it. "I'm in peak physical condition".

Malignaggi repeated the word "suckers" numerous times during the video and brought a fight poster for Mayweather to sign. We roll in, and we take over whatever we want. "Mayweather's going to teach him what boxing's all about".

"I can't see a McGregor win happening, but if he (McGregor) does beat him (Mayweather) it would be a massive blow for boxing", he added. Finding Mayweather to hit is at the top of the list because even if Mayweather fights in the center of the ring he has such good reflexes and movement that McGregor could find himself swinging at thin air most of the time.

"If you want to watch a true fight, a true boxing fight, like a classic fight, welcome to September 16th. It comes down to the two competitors in the ring".