Harvey not through yet, two more feet expected

Tuesday, 29 Aug, 2017

In the aftermath of what was the most powerful hurricane to hit a US state in more than 50 years, several refineries in the Houston area were shut down while ports were closed to incoming and outgoing traffic. "You have people rushing the boat". An estimated 30,000 people will likely need to find refuge in shelters, since flooding will linger, according to The Washington Post.

"Protecting the lives of our people is my highest priority" he said at a press conference in the White House, adding that "tragic times such as these bring out the best in American character, charity, strength and resilience".

More than 3,000 people have been rescued from flooded buildings and cars by first responders.

So far, only one fatality has been confirmed - a woman who died Saturday evening after getting out of her vehicle when it drove into a flooded street.

Even if there had been a mandatory evacuation order in place for all the Texas coastal and inland areas ravaged by Harvey's floods, thousands if not millions of residents still would not have evacuated.

President Trump travels to Texas on Tuesday to show support for residents reeling from the effects of hurricane-turned-tropical storm Harvey, and to assess the first stages of the federal recovery effort.

The Red Cross likewise said it had enough food and shelter supplies for 28,000 people and were planning on delivery supplies for 22,000 more people.

"Every asset at my command is at the disposal of local officials", Mr Trump said.

"We've been isolated, we have a moat around us, it's flooded to get into our hospital", said Dr. Mary L. Brandt, a pediatric surgeon at the Texas Children's Hospital, which is part of the complex.

The restaurant is closed for now as Houston deals with the continued flooding, but Brennan-Martin hopes to have his team back in the kitchen soon, but not for regular table service. The risks of staying in harm's way may have been clear to people who chose not to evacuate.

Trump plans on visiting Texas Tuesday.

Medical centers were forced to take major precautions as water levels rose.

The administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Brock Long, said Monday that he expected more than 450,000 people to apply for federal assistance.

In response to the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and southeastern Texas, Beyoncé has announced that she's lending resources to help her community.

"There are several factors that make it worse than Katrina".

Since its founding in 1979, Americares has provided more than $13 billion in aid to 164 countries, including the United States. For one, there is the scope of the flooding.

Robert Frazier, a 54-year-old foreman mechanic, left his home in La Porte, south of Houston, with his wife Judy on Sunday and made it as far as a motel on the road toward Louisiana - which is still in Harvey's path. "Harris County and the surrounding areas are so saturated", Brown told the Houston Chronicle.

"This will be unfathomably expensive for both the private sector and taxpayers", Brown said. It focuses on helping victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and starvation.