Final press renders of LG V30 surface hours before announcement

Thursday, 31 Aug, 2017

The V30 also offers wireless charging. The smartphone resembles the previously launched G6 smartphone. LG claims that the voice recognition will work even if music is being played on the device. Although Google doesn't specifically demand an OLED display as a requisite for Daydream the requirement for low persistency (and low latency) invariably means that only phones with an OLED panel and not an LCD panel qualify for Daydream.

Rather than flood the world with information about a new handset, LG has been slowly feeding information about its next flagship the V30. The glossy metal look at the back adds to the look. Nearly every second of the video (which runs 90 seconds) features someone doing something with the dual-cameras on the back of the phone, or using the Hi-Fi Quad DAC for enhanced sound quality. The 120-degree wide-angle camera will also help users to take more clear photos without distortions at the ends. The V30 is also IP68 rated for waterproofing, so you can take it to the beach, the shower, etc without any issues.

The LG V30 sports a 6-inch QHD+ (2880 x 1440 pixels) OLED display with "FullVision" tech. The new UX also brings some gaming tools such as break mode, screenshot, scale app and adjusting of game graphics. The LG V30 is here now to restore the balance, and it's looking very handsome indeed, equipped as it is with an OLED display, an impressive new dual-camera array, and, of course, that Snapdragon 835 at long last.

Judging on its looks, the V30 is definitely a chip off the old LG G6 block. Thankfully, LG has skipped the second screen and replaced the overall screen with a attractive OLED screen.

When is the LG V30 release date? Also, LG managed to integrate a 3300mAh battery in the smartphone, even though going with a slimmer profile. The leaks were mostly accurate but LG did have a few surprises too.

We haven't tested either in full, though, so wait for our final review verdict before buying one of these based purely on their spec sheets.

The V30 comes with 64 or 128GB built-in storage. The standard lens also has optical image stabilization. The secondary cameras has an upgraded 13MP wide angle lens and the front-camera is 5MP.

Further, the camera comes with cine video mode along with cine effect and point zoom features.

The front camera on both the phones is 5 megapixels.

It can be unlocked using biometric iris scanning or through voice recognition technolog by speaking pre-defined keywords. The company says that people record 3.5 exabytes of video every year, or 50,000 years worth of footage, so it was time to focus on the video recording aspects of the camera. LG G6 was good in terms of audio but, LG has improved the audio experience in LG V30. In other places, that spot might be occupied by network operator insignia, but for the majority of markets, the big, round, and utterly classic Bang & Olufsen logo will be the one most closely associated with the V30.