Apple unveils iPhone X, loses 'home' button

Thursday, 14 Sep, 2017

iPhone X: One of the most-rumored Apple products in Apple history also made its debut.

With three new iPhones available this fall in the USA, and also a new Apple Watch and a 4K Apple TV, consumers are left with the big question of which one to lay their hands on first, but after the event, the results are obvious. Look no more! This is Apple's latest venture, expected to be launched next year.

Emojis are also taking a step forward with the introduction of animated emojis, which will debut with the iPhone X and work with Apple Messages.

The iPhone X, or 10, whatever, will be available in Space Grey and Silver. The display will adapt to ambient lighting, similar to a feature in some iPad Pro models.

The iPhone X will cost $999, and will be generally available on November 3, available for pre-order October 27. Both rear camera lenses are optically stabilized in iPhone X. It is a complete redesign of previous models, resulting in removing the iconic home button, which Apple naturally had to do to mark a new era for iPhone. The Home button has been removed, replaced with swipe-based commands, filling the front face completely with its screen (except for the little divot on the center-top that houses the camera and flash).

Brand-wise, the replacement cycle of most smartphone brands stood at around two years, the report noted. iPhone features the longest replacement cycle with 40.9 percent of the researched iPhone users are changing their phones after three years of usage or even longer.

The device sports an edge-to-edge screen, with glass on the front and back and a surgical-grade stainless steel band around the sides.

The unveiling comes with Apple seeking to recapture the magic of the first iPhone X release in 2007 as it struggles to maintain market share.

Instead, the chief concern about the iPhone X is the timing.

The iPhone 8 is much more iterative upgrade than a whole new device. The 256GB version is pegged at $1,149.

Of course, the talented people at Apple genuinely want to make products that better our lives, but it's also in their best interest to keep us glued to our devices. The device starts at $999, £999 in the United Kingdom and AU$1,579 in Australia. Pre-orders will begin on Oct 27, and they are expected to ship on Nov 3.

As expected, on the rear of the iPhone sits a vertically-aligned 12MP dual camera, comprising of dual telephoto and wide-angle lenses.