Nintendo Direct September 2017: Watch the Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Direct here

Thursday, 14 Sep, 2017

However, this means that third-party developers and publishers such as Bethesda are increasing their focus on the Nintendo Switch, with Rockstar Games also recently announcing an L.A. Noire re-release for the hybrid console.

There wasn't a properly in-depth trailer for the game, but we did get a glimpse tanks to a quick teaser that you can check out below, courtesy of Game Xplain.

Of course, the biggest absence was Animal Crossing.

Snapshot mode can be used to create very striking images that you'd never know were from a Mario game.

Super Mario Odyssey has been showcased as a part of the latest Nintendo Direct, and wow is it looking good. It joins the previously announced New Donk City, Steam Gardens, and Bubblaine.

Nintendo also showed off hints of other worlds, and also explained a little more about how you'll go about collecting the Power Moons that are hidden all over the many worlds.

DOOM and Wolfenstein II Headed to Switch
Nintendo Direct September 2017: Watch the Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Direct here

Maybe in Nintendo Direct that will take place in a few hours, it will be revealed about the official release date of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Nintendo Switch.

Since Doom does run well on less powerful PCs it's appearance on Switch isn't as odd as it first seems (the original Doom was also released on the SNES and N64).

Until now it was confirmed that this game is a Special Edition but adapted to the portable environment. FINALLY about to be announced for Nintendo Switch? The beta version of Arena of Valor will be available for free this Winter.

Pre-order Super Mario Odyssey for Ninendo Switch, now! Customers can choose between four different popular games to order with a Nintendo Switch for a bundle price of $359.99.

◆ National Basketball Association 2K18 will launch on Switch on September 15. Try demo today and look out for the full release in 2018. Not only will next month's Super Mario Odyssey have us traversing around the world in style, but our Joy-Cons won't feel left out.

-Lost Sphear, Tokyo RPG Factory's follow-up to I Am coming January 23rd.