Apple Intentionally Makes iPhones Vulnerable To Hacking With iOS 11

Thursday, 21 Sep, 2017

Files will see more usefulness on an iPad than iPhone though. It's especially useful on the Plus-sized phones.

Many of them we don't actually ever notice or use anyway, but the group chat is essential to all of us, and Apple's new features will make it better for some, or even worse for others. It just disconnects you from the access point you're connected to. Scroll down, then tap the green plus sign next to Screen Recording to add it to your Control Center screen. Open Settings and navigate to either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and turn them off.

There's nothing worse than trying to remember passwords. Apple just made this more hard.

Other hidden features include clearer screenshots during FaceTime, rearranging multiple apps, accessing apps like Notes from lock screen, turning off app-rating prompts as well as video autoplay in App Store and typing to Siri.

But one thing that has a number of users quaking in their boots is the new ability to capture and record the iPhone screen's output. Needless features, dongles for earphones - what will Apple come up with next? It's started by pressing the button in the control centre - so you'll have to make sure it's there, using the tips above - and then using your phone as normal. As of publishing time, you can record private messages sent on Instagram without alerting the sender.

Speaking of your camera roll, your photos have become smarter, too.

Live Photos comes with new features that will up your mobile photography game. With camera improvements, the iPhone 8 models automatically use an exposure-balancing technology called HDR and no longer save unadjusted versions.

Once you get iOS 11, here are four things to look for. But they're also among the least fun.

Starting with iOS 5, Apple started bundling new wallpapers, letting you customize your Lock and Home screen with lovely images.

"Any new technological developments that connect women with aid services and help keep them safe are positive steps".

Now you will be able to configure two different shortcuts for your Air Pods. e.g.

Yes. If you move location, it will assume you want to reconnect. If you try to use screen recording to secretly record on Snapchat, the app will still notify you that your snap has been screengrabbed.