IOS 11 Arrives: Here's How to Install It on Your iPhone

Thursday, 21 Sep, 2017

Apple (AAPL) on Tuesday dropped its highly-anticipated iOS 11 software update, available across its iPhone and iPad devices.

With Android, most smartphone owners have to wait for manufacturers and carriers to push out an update. Not only has Apple given the digital assistant new "natural and expressive" male and female voices, but Siri has also been upgraded to use "on-device learning" to become more contextual. Since the update went live, numerous individuals probably by the millions have tried to get their hands on it, which in turn have flooded the servers, causing it to lag. This is also one of the biggest features coming to iOS 11, and it is now available since iOS 11 officially released yesterday. However, with iOS 11, iPads are inching closer to replacing PCS and laptops rather than just being extra large iPhones. While, in theory, Apple could just have backwards compatibility with 32-bit applications, they've chosen to give that up for iOS 11, so for apps, it's upgrade or die.

If, while updating your phone to iOS 11, you've run into problems, here's how to solve them.

After downloading and installing the iOS 11 update, here are recommendations on some of the best features that you should try first.

What are some unique features of iOS 11? This software is the latest in a long line of iOS builds for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch back several generations. First and foremost, past iOS updates have been plagued with certain issues, failing to update as soon as they're released.

But this is one of those cases where Apple seems to believe it's better to inconvenience some users in order to protect others, as well as a subtle signal to developers about app sizes, it seems.

Who Can Install iOS 11?

If you can't update or restore your device with recovery mode, or you can't use recovery mode because of broken buttons, contact Apple Support. You can jump on to the tutorial and can select a respective iOS device and get an IPSW file from there. It also makes multi-tasking, a lot easier, thanks to its new features - Split View and Slide Over. An iPhone detects if a person is driving, then automatically silences notifications to prevent distractions.