Living Well: Calling all seniors! It's time for a flu shot

Friday, 22 Sep, 2017

The single best way to prevent the flu is for individuals, ages 6 months and older, to get vaccinated each fall, according to a health department press release.

Though September may seem early to receive a vaccination, it takes about two weeks until it becomes entirely effective, so it is smart to get the vaccine early in the season.

The AMA VP said that many Australians confused the influenza with the "common cold", meaning many do not seek out their flu shots or dismiss symptoms of the flu as minor.

Flu shots are already available in US pharmacies and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone 6 months and older get a flu vaccine every year.

Under the programme, a free nasal flu vaccine will now be offered to all primary school children - which past year was only offered to children aged four to eight. Flu vaccinations are recommended for anyone six months or older, unless otherwise directed by a physician.

None so far reported in IN, but as we inch closer to October, you'll be hearing your physicians and pharmacists asking you, "Do you want to get your flu shot?".

"It causes a lot of deaths, especially in people who have a little bit of a health problem otherwise". "The truth is the benefit of the vaccines itself outweighs the risk of acquiring the influenza virus". He adds that you're at a higher risk for flu complications if you're pregnant, have chronic health problems, if you're a caregiver or health care worker over 50 or a child.

There is no live virus in flu shots and the vaccine can not cause the flu.

"This is an influenza strain that is able to impact the young, the elderly, the well and the unwell", Ms Hennessy told 3AW radio, of the devastating flu season.

Flu season generally starts in mid-October and lasts into spring.

Myths like like the flu shot making people sick, which is not true because it's a dead vaccine, so fever or feeling achy afterward is a reaction to the shot not the vaccine.

If you contract the flu, you have a responsibility to help protect your loved ones and the entire community.

"People who do develop flu symptoms, should contact their medical provider right away", said the Division of Health Director Adrienne Byrne. The nasal vaccine has been shown to provide even greater protection for children than the flu injection.

So here's why health officials want you to get the flu shot sooner rather than later.