Stockley protest planned for Belleville this weekend

Friday, 22 Sep, 2017

"If we want peace and justice, we must come together as a community through prayer, mutual understanding and forgiveness", Archbishop Robert Carlson said September 15. Police reported that 10 officers had suffered injuries by the end of the night. Demonstrators smashed the facades and tried to close a side road leading to a highway, police and witnesses said.

"The crowd became a mob".

The department withheld disclosing its conclusion while Stockley's murder trial was being held in St. Louis, a spokeswoman said in an email.

Protesters said Sunday that the six-minute silence symbolizes the six years between the death of Anthony Lamar Smith and the acquittal of the white former police officer who was charged in the black suspect's shooting death.

The ruling sparked immediate demonstrations in St Louis on Friday evening and a march of thousands on Saturday. Protesters appeared to be leaving the scene shortly before 7 p.m. Police later reported there were no arrests.

Police clashed with violent demonstrators before mass arrests began.

While daytime protests have been peaceful, police say agitators have vandalized streets at night. The demonstrators retreated down a street, breaking windows with trash cans and throwing objects at police. After the demonstrations, organizers announce that the daytime protests over.

The officers targeted Smith after suspecting that he was involved in a drug deal.

Prosecutors said Stockley planted a gun on Smith, as Stockley's DNA was found on the gun but Smith's was not. But the Rev. Phillip Duvall, who has been active in recent protests, said the data suggests police are "not being too cautious". "Our streets", on behalf of immigrants, or in opposition to police brutality, it means that our cities - and in an even larger way, the public space of the public square - belong to all of us.

Both O'Toole and Mayor Lyda Krewson said they were proud of police for showing restraint. Some protesters attempted to shift the blame for the violence on the police, claiming that the riot gear and the armored vehicles used to disperse the violent activists inflamed tensions and were unnecessary. Stockley fired at least one shot at Smith as he led them on a high-speed pursuit. A court document said that Stockley and another police officer chased Smith, a drug suspect, in a auto at more than 80 miles per hour and that he was "going to kill this motherf--er, don't you know it" before instructing the driving officer to steer the auto into Smith's slowing vehicle.

Stockley's lawyer dismissed the comment as "human emotions" during a unsafe pursuit.

Stockley left the police department and moved to Houston three years ago.