Amazon announces Echo Spot smart alarm clock

Friday, 29 Sep, 2017

"All New" Echo: The new version of the popular echo device is shorter than its predecessor, and looks a bit nicer too. Instead of the US$170 price tag for the original Echo, the second generation model costs $99.99. Both the speakers come with a second generation far-field technology for even better performance. It gets improved sound with support for Dolby audio and a boosted low end thanks to a dedicated bass driver. It also comes in several new finishes like Oak and Walnut. Amazon Echo Plus is priced at $149 and is said to be support over 100 smart home devices without requiring any app. Amazon has updated this product as well, by improving the sound and adding a built-in smart home hub.

If you are in the USA you can pre-order the Echo Spot now, and it will go on sale on 19 December, just in time for Christmas.

Finally, the new Alexa-enabled Fire TV with 4K and HDR will retail for $69.99 and can be preordered starting today and land on Tuesday, Oct. 25. Inside, the Quad - core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory.

If you are looking to buy 2 or 3 Echo devices, don't forget to reedem the voucher that Amazon includes.

The new Alexa-powered Echo is comparatively smaller than the original. It's available now for pre-order and will ship October 25. It's certainly something you won't mind having on show in your home. unlike the Echo Show.

The Amazon Echo Connect will let you use an Echo speaker to make hands-free voice calls with a landline. The Echo Spot will launch in the USA in December for US$129.99.

The original Amazon Echo is displayed at the Sands Expo and Convention Center on January 7, 2016 in Las Vegas. These gadgets will connect with your echo and allow activities such as games to function even better. That's created to make it simple to connect the smart speaker with connected home gadgets like smart light bulbs and automated door locks. They can be customized for doing a certain goal of work on Amazon Alexa.

Users will also be able to interact with Alexa's ecosystem of features offered by third parties like Starbucks, such as the ability to pre-order a coffee while driving. However, the company will most likely start integrating other features into them. Echo Buttons cost $19 for a two-pack.