Elon Musk in Adelaide for SpaceX and beyond

Friday, 29 Sep, 2017

Other routes proposed in the video include Hong Kong to Singapore in 22 minutes, London to Dubai or NY in 29 minutes, and Los Angeles to Toronto in 24 minutes.

"If you build a ship that is capable of going to Mars, what if you take that spaceship and flew it from one place on Earth to another?"

Delivering his presentation at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), SpaceX's chief executive officer and lead designer announced the plans for the Earth-to-Earth transportation business.

Reports of Musk's presentation to the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, say he claimed the rocket would be able to take people from Los Angeles to NY in 25 minutes, and from NY to Paris in half an hour.

But Musk says the cost will be much cheaper than other launch vehicles now available with the added benefit that it can safely return to earth and be reused.

Musk described the 2022 deadline as an "aspiration", but he has some pretty detailed plans for how he wants to get there.

Elon Musk just unveiled more of his grand plan for colonizing Mars. A manned mission would then take place in 2024.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the opening of the company's first Supercharger fast charge station in the UK. We suspect that stands for Big Freakin' Rocket or something like that.

Messina said the more immediate goal was to have a permanent presence on the moon, even if it was just a robot, by the end of the next decade. But unlike the Falcon 9, it won't have legs, instead landing back on its launch mounts. The BFR will have six engines, and will land using either of the center two, minimizing the risk of crash landings.

On top of the 13 launches in 2017, SpaceX has several more missions on its manifest for the remainder of the year.

NASA's first human mission to Mars is expected about a decade later.

Mars is no longer the stuff of science fiction.

When people looked shocked at Musk's ambitious timeline to get to Mars, he replied, "That's not a typo". The robotic vehicle continues to transmit breathtaking, high-resolution photographs of the dune-and butte-filled landscape to the delight of scientists and Curiosity's 3.8 million Twitter followers.

There's no doubting it. Elon Musk is an outright genius.