Tom Petty's "American Girl": How to Play the High-Flying Outro Guitar Riffs

Wednesday, 04 Oct, 2017

Tuesday, one day after the tragic death of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Tom Petty, the Old Union Hotel held a Tom Petty Tribute Party to honor the legend's career.

Tom Petty died on Monday night, but inaccurate news of his death made its way around the internet much earlier in the day.

"The LAPD has no information about the passing of singer Tom Petty. We're nearly out of time but we've got time for this one here", and the band launches into "American Girl".

"The band started off as a collection of friends who fell fanatically in love with Tom Petty", Mehta said. I feel dirty saying that, as someone who normally avoids greatest hits records like the plague. Petty is a favorite among my parents - a larger than life, albeit humble rock star who spoke to my mom and dad in ways I'll likely never understand. "This man delivered a wealth of great songs to his fans and to the world and that is something to celebrate." - rocker Alice Cooper, on Twitter.

When you hear him called "influential", you might think that's only felt on other musicians, but Petty's influence is even bigger.

Tributes to Petty poured in following confirmation of his death Monday after suffering cardiac arrest at his Malibu home. Before Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, he performed with his first band, the Sundowners, around the area. At one point, he went to war with his label MCA, refusing to release the album Hard Promises if they went ahead with plans to charge an extra dollar for the record - and won. From drunken sways to booze-fueled sing-alongs, the crowd regarded Petty with honest love.

If you're too young to know, or are yet to discover his brilliance, this is what his songs would make you do.

Former first lady of UF, Chris Machen, introduced the award to Petty.

His family wasn't involved in the college, though. And I wonder when you're recording a new album if you ever do that, if you take a demo or take a rough recording and take it out for a drive, see how it sounds on the highway outside the studio. "I want to thank the hospital for there privacy, compassion, medical care". "He died peacefully at 8:40pm surrounded by family, his bandmates, and friends", the singer's manager said in a statement.