Google reveals Pixel 2, Pixelbook, Google Home Max, and more

Friday, 06 Oct, 2017

The new Amazon Echo-Dot like digital butler is a cheaper, smaller and a less feature-packed device over its larger sibling, the Google Home. All you have to say is "OK Google" and the Home will hear you and start playing music - or anything else you might ask of it. Instead, it essentially adds Google Assistant to any speaker and can answer basic queries such as "What's the weather?" or "What's the Yankees game score?"

Watch out Apple and Sonos, Google is about to drop the bass with the surprise announcement of the Google Home Max. Their compact form factor means that they could be kept nearly anywhere, for example your bedside table.

Neither of these smart speakers is created to play room-filling music. Only the Echo Dot will be able to voice control Spotify them (from later this year). This feature will work on any Google Home device; Home Mini, Home, or Home Max. Both these new devices are eerily reminiscent of Amazon Echo Dot and Echo Plus. However, Google enthusiasts will find the Home Mini will work better with their Google products and services, so if you're building a Google-powered smart home, the Mini is flawless - and the price is right, too. Windows has the Windows key, Mac has whatever that leaf thing is, and now Google has the Google Assistant button.

Technology companies are taking the smart speakers space seriously. In the case of the Echo Plus, it can detect and connect to stuff like that automatically.

Walmart's partnership with Google is officially live, offering customers the ability to purchase more than 2 million items through a personalized voice shopping experience. It can set reminders, control other smart devices, etc.

"[With a] chance to win either donuts or their new Google Home Mini product", she tells us. The choice of a virtual assistant is purely a matter of personal choice and it is perhaps the biggest factor that will encourage you to buy a smart speaker.

So watch out, Echo Dot. Plus, if you are lucky, you can get up to 30 percent discount at checkout. The Pixel 2 comes in three colours: Kinda Blue, Just Black and Clearly White.

"Limited-time offer applies to redemption of one Google Home Mini device, chalk colour only, with the order of a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL from Google Store in the United Kingdom, starting 4 October 2017 until 31 December 2017, while supplies last". Rs 3,194) and $399 (approx.

So which one should you buy? While you have to make do with a mono speaker on the Echo Dot, on the Google Home Mini you have a 40mm driver that delivers 360 surround sound.

One analyst said the technology offered by the new Pixel models was the equivalent of a backup for the human brain.

Now that my long winded introduction is complete, let's get down to business and look a little deeper on the design side of some of these devices - having a good understanding that Google haven't always been known for their hardware.