Now is exactly the right time to talk about gun politics

Friday, 06 Oct, 2017

Lewis said Congress failed the American people by not already passing gun control legislation.

But critics say forced reciprocity would undermine states and cities that have chosen to enact stricter laws by creating a giant loophole that would allow residents to obtain permits in neighboring states with weak laws and use them in their home states with strict laws.

A senior House GOP leadership aide told CNN that there are "unresolved issues with the larger package and it is not on the schedule". I think it's important that as we see the dust settle and we see what was behind some of these tragedies that mental health reform is a critical ingredient to making sure we can try and prevent some of these things that have happened in the past.

"How many more dead bodies will it take to wake up this Congress?"

Gabrielle Giffords: The nation's counting on you. "In the face of unspeakable evil, our whole nation must respond with countless acts of kindness, warmth and generosity".

"Today, my thoughts are with the victims of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas and their families who now have had their lives forever altered", she said in a statement.

More certain Tuesday was that Republicans, who control Congress as the majority in the House and Senate, remain opposed to new legislation to clamp down on the purchase or ownership of firearms or related devices like those believed to be used by the Las Vegas shooter.

"We'll be talking about gun laws as time goes on", he said.

However, what you won't find is a list of steps Congress should take to adequately rectify what he views as one of the most pressing issues in the US: not enough gun control. The House had been poised to consider a bill aimed at supporting hunters, fishers and anglers, but it's not on the schedule, Ryan said.

Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the No. 3 Republican senator, said, "I'm interested in finding out more about bump stocks and I've got my staff looking into that and I know there are other members interested in finding out more about it as well". The gun lobby's multi-generational success in this regard is built upon a cultural proclivity for gun ownership rooted in the Second Amendment of the constitution. "There's no excuse for inaction".

While many people are weighing in on this debate, Hager says it might not be till the next general election that pressure from the public can push Congress to pass some kind firearm regulation. After all, many survivors of Sunday night's massacre said they started fleeing because they heard the sound of gunfire.

Toomey said he had not yet spoken to his Democratic counterpart, Sen. While it's still not clear what caused the Las Vegas gunman to so carefully plan and execute his attack, a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia is not outside the realm of possibilities.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin remembers how he lost his appeal to amend the gun laws following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School five years ago. Not only that, but over the last 10 years, the Supreme Court has ruled numerous times in-favor of the Second Amendment and upheld the rights of gun owners.

"I have introduced a resolution that would establish a Select Committee on Gun Violence that would consist of equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats and require them to submit a report to Congress on how we can work together to prevent gun violence", he said. In President Donald Trump, they may have found their strongest ally yet.

Clinton was referring here to the Duncan-Carter Hearing Protection Act, a bill proposed by Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan of SC and Rep. John Carter of Texas, that would make it easier and cheaper for gun owners to get silencers by eliminating federal registration, background checks, and a required $200 tax. Asked about the silencer bill, Trump said, "We'll talk about that later".