Donald Trump Dismisses Puerto Rico's Pain, Compares Casualty Rate To Hurricane Katrina

Saturday, 07 Oct, 2017

Prior to Tuesday, the number of storm-related deaths on the island stood at 16. Maria was the most powerful hurricane to hit the island in almost a century and unleashed floods and mudslides that knocked out the island's entire electrical grid and telecommunications, along with many roads.

Yvette Nevares, a boutique hotel manager in San Juan, was disappointed with President Trump's comment on Puerto Rico's debt during his visit on Tuesday.

Trump used the term to describe Cruz during televised interviews and on Twitter.

When Behar said she believes his supporters will see the paper towel tossing as "a gesture of friendliness" and some of his comments as Trump being "lighthearted in a awful situation", Goldberg wasn't buying it.

Even more ironic, Cruz's "nasty" display comes AFTER she met with President Donald Trump during his visit to the devastated island, when she told him relief efforts were "not about politics".

Most famously, the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, went on national television a few days after the hurricane and "begged" for more federal relief. The hurricane killed over 1,800 people and caused about $108 billion in damages.

Mexico will also send a team of specialists to help restore electricity to some 93 percent of the island left without power by the hurricane, it said. He said it included drownings, injuries from homes collapsing and people on respirators who died because there was no power for the equipment.

During Trump's visit, the hospital ship USNS Comfort, with 200 hospital beds and more than 500 medical personnel aboard, arrived offshore to begin providing aid, the Navy said.

"I said to the president is that this is about saving lives". She also called Donald Trump more "miscommunicator in chief" than commander in chief.

On Air Force One on his return flight to Washington, Trump said it had been a "great day" and he had heard no criticism during his day in Puerto Rico. "Everybody is watching and we want Puerto Rico to get over this".

According to CNBC, Puerto Rico is buried in $72 billion worth of debt.

White House officials didn't immediately respond to requests to further explain the president's comments.

Congress a year ago passed a law called the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act, known as PROMESA, which was meant to help Puerto Rico restructure its debt. "Because we've spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico, and that's fine".

Many have also cataloged the president's visit as a awful event, as bad as his tweets, and all because while the American citizens are struggling for survival on the island, the president set out to throw paper towels to the victims as if he were playing basketball.