WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Results/Review; Epic Cell Matches

Tuesday, 10 Oct, 2017

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 saw shock results, new champions and new rivalries. The two fighting on top of the cell was great to watch, and Shane can put on a great show when the occasion requires it. Is he aligned with Owens?

Shane McMahon, we appreciate your bravery but you need to stop doing this. Given that Owens' animosity is directed toward the McMahon family, it could be a viable option to have Triple H get involved and shoot some kind of angle - which could set up a potentially hot match between he and Hunter, perhaps at Survivor Series.

But Xavier won't let a loss get to him. And even though Breezango are arguably the most over gimmick on Smackdown right now, they've already run a brief program with the Usos, and feuding with New Day wouldn't make much sense.

Tag Team Match of Kick off the Hell in a cell 2017 event and the Falls Count Anywhere match alike happens at 2016's Hell in a cell event will be happening amidst. Woods being handcuffed over the ring post was also really good, though it was odd that the Usos ended up freeing him for no apparent reason. The Usos go on the offensive with more kendo sticks and the pace slows down quite a bit at that point.

And the insane thing is they actually told us about this in the peripherals of the feud. This was my favorite match of the night.

However, the show features some other interesting bouts such as Styles defending the U.S. title against the brutal Baron Corbin. Did WWE really fly Bryan in just to do this segment or was this something that was filmed last week?

Nakamura's rival for best entrance in WWE, Bobby Roode, picked up his first pay-per-view win, thanks to pulling the tights on the pin better than Dolph Ziggler did early.

Styles announced he'll cash in his rematch clause on this week's "SmackDown Live", so expect that to end with shenanigans that keeps the title on Corbin. And may even decide the course of upcoming matches in SmackDown.

-Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable beat the Hype Bros on the preshow.

-Charlotte won in the women's title match, however, she did not win the title, as it came via DQ. Thus, there is little doubt the Singh Brothers will interfere and Mahal will retain his title in the end. That's it. How about putting him in a feud with another top notch in-ring talent? Ziggler, on the other hand, has to be feeling the stagnation of his career trajectory and will have to prove his worth as the self-proclaimed best in-ring performer in the WWE. There were plenty of high spots throughout the contest and some things were just too much.

Natalya isn't a terrible champion by any means, but we all know that Flair was drafted to SmackDown in order to win the title. It unquestionably lived up to most of our expectations, and delivered us another memorable match from these two teams. While Booby Roode handed Dolph Ziggler a beating to secure his pay-per-view win. Just as it looked as McMahon had Owens beat after Owens fell from the side of the cell through a table, he made a decision to continue the punishment.